Public Projects

The “Public Projects” include all the projects that are not in the category of business centers, residential houses, and apartments. Here are the restaurants, clinics, manufacture buildings, warehouses, schools, daycares, parks, etc.

We have been engaged in many projects…

On the one hand, the absence of the specific type of work makes it difficult to create a “conveyor” with the minimum expenses.  It also doesn’t allow our company to narrow the business into a simple ideal system. Moreover, we don’t have the workers who perform the same tasks every day. On the other hand, we continue to work during the economical crisis, while other companies have to stop their businesses due to the absence of contracts. We continue to develop our system.

The market prices have dropped; our company finds the ways to cut the expenses through the analytics. We have learnt how to work with the government sector even when the private construction market dies.

We constantly have to adapt to the construction market changes and the economical situation in our country. Therefore, our company still doesn’t have a specific type of work. 

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