We know everything about an apartment renovation

We were engaged in repairs when the ceiling was bleached with the chalk, and the walls were covered with the newspapers. We observed the whole process of the renovation business. We made some mistakes at some stages many years ago.

There was no doubt that we knew everything about the repairs of the apartments.

Most of the apartments were not big. Some clients thought that hiring the painters and the tile workers could be enough for the repairs. However, it was only the part of the work. The professional renovation also included the plumbing, the electrical works, the wall construction, the proper doorways, and the plastering technology.

The repairs of the apartments were mostly based on hiring the subcontractors. Our company always checked their work. The subcontractors were:

  1. Designers

  2. Ventilation System Contractor

  3. Electrical Specialists:

    a) Computer networks

    b) Satellite TV

    c) Security Alarm Systems

    d) Fire Alarm Systems

  4. Fireplace Contractors
  5. Stone Specialists (windowsills, fireplace covering)
  6. Suppliers and Manufactures of the Interior Doors
  7. Aquarium Specialists
  8. Floral Designers
  9. Pargetting Specialists
  10. Plaster Specialists
  11. Electricians
  12. Plumbers
  13. Finishers, etc.

The successful renovations of the apartments were depended on the subcontractors above. However, there was only the part of the list. It was not proper to think that the customer could make all the repairs by himself, could control and coordinate the whole process. It took us about ten years to understand the whole process of the renovations.  Most of the clients called us.

A lot of customers found our company as a responsible, reliable, and professional partner for the period of renovations of their apartments.

We also guaranteed free consultations and estimates.

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