Bricks Residential Houses

A brick residential house is almost an eternal construction. There is an opinion that a brick house is extremely more expensive than, for example, a house made of an aircrete material (concrete).Let us be more specific. The difference in price between a brick shell and a concrete shell is 15-18%. It is up to the client to decide is a lot or not.

Aircrete (concrete) Residential Houses

The client, who decides to build an aircrete (concrete) house, usually wants to save the budget. In comparison with the brick residential house, it is less expensive to build the aircrete house. In addition, it is also made of the stones. The shell is 8-10% cheaper.

Frame Construction Houses

A frame house is a serious compromise, especially at our latitudes. When performing facade cladding and interior finishing of the frame house, we have to take into account that the seasonal effect influences the size of the frame walls - depending on the season, the size slightly changes. If this factor is not taken into account, then, there will be many cracks both on the facade and inside the house. Therefore, a frame house is only useful if the interior is finished, for example, by wall panels or blockhouse boards, or facing materials based on a sliding frame.

Glulam Beam Houses

In comparison with the stone houses, the glulam beam houses don’t have an advantage in price. However, it is less safe when we talk about the fire safety. Moreover, the glulam beam houses have no resistance to the seasonal changes, such as temperature and humidity. The walls change in size. The houses also require special and regular maintenance and repairs, such as pulling the stubs, covering the facade with Pinotex once every two or three years, so the housesdon’t fade. Like any wooden houses, the houses made of Glulam beam seriously shrink in the first two years, respectively, and there are restrictions for the interior decoration.

If there are so many disadvantages for Glulam beam house in comparison with the stone one, then why are these houses so popular now? The answer is obvious: we are all tired of the city, of the stone jungle and we want to smellthe tree. And this desire for many people is stronger than the above-listed disadvantages.

Log Houses

When the customer visits our website, he can easily finds out an approximate price for residential houses made of brick, Aircrete, and Glulam. In addition, he can find the price for the shell of a certain size or the price for the apartment renovation. However, it doesn’t work with the log houses because of the parameters such as diameter of the log,the quality of the grinding, the season of the logging, humidity, the type of wood, etc. Therefore, an individual estimate can help with the final price of the log houses.

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