Renovation of Business Centers

The main criterion of renovating the business center is the deadline. Most business centers are leased. The tenant has to pay the rent either from the first month or in a short period of time. In fact, only well-organized companies are able to complete the engineering system assignments on time. The client needs a very good and responsible General Contractor.

General Contractor Agreement is a special type of service.Our company, as the General Contractor, is always responsible in many sectors, including:

  1. Project Design
  2. Delivery of the Materials
  3. Subcontractors:
    - Electrical wiring
    - Plumbing systems
    - Computer networks
    - Television networks
    - Fire-alarm systems:
    A) Sprinklers;
    B) Sensors;
    C) Heat and smoke vents
    D) Fire warning systems
    - Security alarm systems
    - Ventilation and Air Conditioning
    - Furniture manufacture


The renovation of VIP business centers shows the ability and experience of the General Contractor.

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