Basic Structure of the Project Design

First Stage:

1. The Sketchof the Object with the Utility Systems.

2. Plans with Furniture and EquipmentArrangements

3. Dismantlement of the walls and utility systems plan.

4. Wall Sketches with the Indication of Doorways and Windows

5. Ceiling Plan with List of Materials, Individual Units and Sections

6. Lighting Fixtures Plan

7. Receptacles and Switches Plan

8. Electrical Engineering Plan (electric and low-current network) and Electrical Outlets Plan

9. Finishing Texture of the Floors

10. Electrical Heating Floor Plan with the Controller (if necessary)

11. Pluming Equipment Blueprint

12. Wall Elevations Plan with the Layout of Tiles and its Dimensions

13. Sketches with Custom-Made Products

14. Specification of Doorways and Door Leaves

15. Interior finishing work report/statement

16. 3-D Interior Visualization

17. Drawing’s List (List of Sketches)

18. Architectural Supervision of the Construction Stages.


Second Stage:

1. Selection of the Materials and Order Placing

2. Selection of the Furniture and Order Placing

3. Selection of the Pluming Equipment and Order Placing

4. Selection of the Lights and Order Placing

5. Selection of the Doors and Order Placing

6. Selection of the Curtains and Order Placing

7. Selection of the Decorative Elements and Order Placing

8. Supervision and Coordination of suppliers.


Designing of Engineering Systems:

1. Power Supply

2. Internet Network Cable

3. Pluming and Sewerage

4. Heating System

5. Ventilation and Air Conditioning

6. Security Alarm System

7. Multi room, Home Theater. 

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