It Is Not Always Good To Count Well

We don’t understand how those contractors make the estimation without any measurements, drawings, and calculations.

However, most of them lose the control during the workflow. When it comes to the production, it becomes clear that those contractors make a lot of mistakes, including the price, which they have given to the client. Most of the time the price is lower than it is supposed to be. That is why they win the tenders. Furthermore, the contactors don’t have the detailed estimations and it is easier for them to tell the customers about the additional work. The work that is not included in the specified price. Sometimes they get lucky and receive all the money they ask for. Sometimes there is a conflict between the contractors and the clients.

The second one is the right way to make the estimation. It includes:

- measurements

- defect log

- project

- estimation

We see the customers who are not interested in the detailed estimation right the way. We also know that some clients only look at the final price. So we don’t work with them, because they get along with theabove-mentioned contractors with the lower prices. The result is guaranteed, actually the absence of the result is guaranteed.

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