General Contractor Agreement at Zinger’s House

If we didn’t meet the deadline, there would be 20 percent less profit for our company according to the contract. In addition, our company would have to pay the rent and utilities for these premises for the period of delay. Moreover, if we were delay, we would have to pay for the rented apartment, including the utilities.

We didn’t have any competitors at this tender. No one decided to participate in such crazy project.

It was a summer time when we started. We didn’t have a lot ofworkers. However, we had young and enthusiastic helpers. They were about 23-24 years old then.  We finished the project with their help on time.

Those guys still work for our company. Today they are the managers of some projects.

Mr. Durov’s social network “VKontakte” is located on the territory that we have built. 

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