Construction Deadlines

If the company doesn’t finish the work on time, the overhead expenses will increase:

1. Salaries to the managers: the project manager and the site engineer.

2. Salaries for the office managers assigned to the project (monitoring of the suppliers, purchase of the materials)

3. Delivery costs

4. Supplies

5. etc.


That is why, the irresponsible companies cut the salaries to the employees or purchase cheap materials, when they don’t meet the deadlines. It is very disappointing that people have to pay their own money in order to complete the projects on time. It happens when the leaders of the companies are not qualified and don’t know how to organize the work properly. Those leaders cheat on the clients, employees, etc. This is widespread case.  Our company pays salaries on time and meets the promised deadlines. This is a main reason why people want to get a job with us even our salaries half less than other contractors offer.

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