The Project – Save the Money

When the customer wants our company to build a house, we understand whether this person gets the construction experience for the first time, or he already has some background. If the client makes the renovation for the first time, he usually talks only about the shell of the house. What is it? The shell is only 20 percent from the entire construction.


Here is the whole picture:


1. Architectural steps of the residential house:

a) Drawings of the Front Elevation

b) Sectional Drawings

c) 3-D Visualization of the Facade

d) Basic Layout of the Floors


2. Reinforced Concrete Structures:

a) Foundation Structure


3. Design Project:

a) Plans with Furniture Arrangement

b) Ceiling Architecture

c) Finishing Texture of the Floors

d) Wall Sketches with the Indication of Finish Textures

e) Pluming Equipment Blueprint

f) Heating Floor Plan

g) Lighting Fixtures Plan

h) Receptacles and Switches Plan

i) Fireplace Plan

j) Kitchen Floor Plan

k) Finishing Schedule

l) List of Materials


4. 3-D Interior Visualization


5. Engineering Systems:

a) Pluming and Sewerage

b) Heating System with Boiler Room

c) Ventilation and Air Conditioning

d) Internet Cable

e) Security Alarm System

f) Main Switch Box

g) Sewage Facility


6. Landscape Design:

a) Plan of the Lot with the Buildings

b) Topographic Elevation on the Plan

c) Zones of the Lot, Path Routs

d) Plants Selection

e) Fence


It is very difficult to start the project without all the above-mentioned details. However, it is easy to make the mistakesduring the actual construction.

First of all, an experienced client asks questions about the design and the possibility of General Contractor agreement.

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