Hunting area in record time

Our colleagues didn’t believe us when we told them that we had built the whole complex for 3.5 months. However, the General Contractor agreement was signed on May 20th; by that time we didn’t have any project for any of the above-mentionedbuildings. It took us about 2 weeks to make the project for this object. During this time KolyaYass designed the Russian sauna and house buildings for us. In the middle of June, our client let us know that his birthday was on September 16th and the guests were already invited to the hunting grounds. It called “Get it done or die”.

Attention here, please! All buildings were built on September 15th. The furniture, interior design, and the necessary equipment were settled and completed by the same date. The curtains were hung on and the slippers were bought.

Honestly, it was almost impossible to complete this project on time. The schedule was crazy and completely booked during those days. We had to pay our attention to all the details. We always explained our customers how significant to have a project in advance. It helped to reduce the timeframe for it and made the work smooth.

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