Here is what you usually do:

You give the companies the technical task for the construction of your future house, or the renovation of your apartment, or the decoration of your restaurant, business center, etc. You hope to receive back a detailed estimation. Most likely only one company out of several is able to make the estimation properly. Others don’t bother themselves to consider the project details or simply don’t know how to make the estimation. How can you trust such contractor to build your house, if he doesn’t calculate the price of the construction properly?

Please choose the estimation of the company that has made it scrupulously. Send it to the other applicants. If they don’t know how to calculate it properly, at least they will be able to make the final document look better and nicer.

We hope you understand that only the professional company or the freelance contractor can estimate the project correctly and properly. Actually few people know how to do it. Most of the contractors give one final price or the price for 1sq.ft. Their price turns out to fifty percent more because they haven’t included all the necessary work.

Please don’t miss the opportunity to test applicants by the main criteria. It is the proper estimation!

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