Kidsburg in Detskiy Mir in Moscow

We always criticized the contractors who strongly adhered to the consistent cycle of performing the types of work. On one side, they were correct, but most of them were always late for the deadlines. Our company believedthat some of the activities could be performed at the same time, if the high quality remained. But everything had a limit. For example, it was impossible to make the interior design without havingthe roof. Our company still didn’t know even the work had been done. We described the situation when we didn’t have the roof till the end of the construction.  A snow, rain and frosty wind came through the concrete ceiling, whichhad many technological passengers. However, it wasbetter than a single technological passage with an area of 3500 sq. mi. It was colder on the site than outside because of the concrete around us. It remindedthe movie “How the Steel Was Tempered” by Pavka Korchagin. The hero of the movie was a guy who was sick, had no coat, hat, or boots on. Heheld an iron scrap and continued working. This was exactly the same situation.

The reports about the work reminded the letters from the battlefield. A lot of employees, including the site engineer and the project manager, got sick during the renovation of this project because of the conditions at the site.

Unfortunately, our company was late for the deadline. Itincreased from three to six months. One of the contractorsrefused to go to Moscow. Ihad promised him to have a better title after he came back. To be honest, I was exaggerating. Iunderstood what kind of experience my employee had gained. It was difficult to describe what kind of professional worker our company had.

Finally, we discovered that the interior design could be completed without the roof. It was just the question of the price… price of the workers’ health. It was very complicated to transfer the loss of the health into a monetary equivalent in our country. Most of the clients had high expectations; they didn’t really care about the workers when the project was almost over.

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