Renovation for 1.5 months

We clearly explained to him that it was impossible. However, his wife expected a baby in 1.5 months. He dreamed to bring a newborn to the new apartment. If we finished the repairs earlier, our customer would pay us 25 percent extra.We weren’t sure that we could complete his request within such a short period of time. We decided to try.  It was hard to describe how was it. It reminded us a nightmare! We worked nonstop. There were 35 workers in the apartment. Could you imagine 35 people in 1400 sq.ft apartment? This is one person per 40 sq.ft.

We got lucky that our client’s wife didn’t deliver the baby earlier. We were able to complete the renovation on time. One day two cars arrived to the front door. One car brought the parents and the newborn. The bathtub was in the second one. We told our customer that it would be better if the bathtub got to the apartment before the newborn. There were four workers holding a bathtub followed by the parents with the baby.

Our customer was satisfied with the renovation although the quality of the repairs wasn’t perfect due to the short period of time.  As promised, he paid us 25 percent extra.

Since then we promised ourselves not to participate in such “crazy” projects; however, we didn’t keep it. We had a lot of 24/7 orders for one reason or another. 

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