The Business Center “Narvskie Vorota”

When we started this project, we expected to have the finance problems and some misunderstanding with the General Contractor. However, we were absolutely not ready to havethe problems with the staff.  Our company didn’t have any reasons to have this issue. Unfortunately, this problem with our working staff was the main one. In the beginning of the crises our staff was waiting for it to be over soon; but when the year passed and the crisis remained, everybody left to Belarus, Ukraine and Tajikistan. The paradox was that we didn’t have both the orders and the staff.

In the result, our company decided to pay the salaries almost every day, so we hoped, it would help us to keep the staff. We had people from all CIS-countries working for us; it was a crazy rotation. It was such a mess!

Luckily, we had Mr. Arthur Mhoyan who was very professional human and resource manager. He knew how many works we needed. Finally, we completed the project on time. 

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