The Department of Analytics

I couldn’t understand how big companies were able to survive and get the same profit as I did. They offered the same prices, had more expenses and responsibilities.

Then I realized that I was very tired of working all the time. I decided to hire the employees and gave them some responsibilities. When I gave the work to the staff, I told myself that I would have less money, but more free time. However, my salary didn’t reduce after I had hired the employees.

I was upset that it took me so long to understand how important to have the staff. I got the chance to look for the new opportunities. It released me from the routine, helped me to deal with the development strategy for the company. This conception allowed me to focus on the intellectual activity, not on the fuss. We created the Department of Operations and Technical Systems, the Department of Design and Architecture. My employees and I were able to create the system that worked well, but not perfect. We did the detailed analysis of our company to find out what was missed. Moreover, our goal was to reduce the losses and have the maximum efficiency.

Lately we created the Department of Analytics. It was necessary to have this department because we wanted to be sure that everything was under control. In advance, I was convinced that the Department of Analytics should be the main sector of the company. 

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